A Tribute to New Order (Revolving World) / V.A.

こんどはNew Orderのトリビュート・アルバム。

  • Blue Monday (So Happy)
  • Nineteen63 (Magnolia)
  • Guilty Partner (Alight)
  • Crystal (Scalde)
  • Perfect Kiss (Shed)
  • World (Mango)
  • Shellshock (Rams)
  • Age of Consent (Kii Noo)
  • Round & Round (Feelings of Nowhere)
  • Your Silent Face (For The Chosen Few)
  • Brutal (Unwise)
  • Ceremony (Eventide)
  • True Faith (Airbag)
  • Turn My Way (Laura Van Dam)
  • Lonesome Tonight (Une vie austre)
  • Temptation (Anthony Stretch)


Shedというユニットがカバーしている The Perfect Kiss が、ただただ素晴らしい。

New Order - The Perfect Kiss (SHED Remix)


Shed - Bienvenue dans notre univers electro-pop


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A Tribute to New Order (Revolving World) - Various Artists