Citroen C5

Jint Nijman による、スパイ写真のスキャン

This (real spy) photo of the Xantia (and XM) succesor "proofs" it. The Xantia succesor will be called "C5". Obviously Citroën wants to make a new start by introducing new model names (C2 to C6 for the complete range).

Unfortuneatly Citroëns new start doesn't seem to mean that we get exciting different looking cars like the DS and SM.

The C5 has a smooth shape, very much unlike its predecessors Xantia and XM. It shows a sort of family resemblance with the Xsara Picasso (soon to be called C4 Picasso ?) though.

The inner values of the C5 promise to be more exciting. Almost any feature you can think of for a modern car seems to be available on the C5: Direct injection petrol engines, state of the art hydraulic suspension (Hydractive III), Dynalto system (starter motor and alternator integrated in the engine flywheel), satelite navigation system (GPS), side and window airbags, key-less locks (like MB S-class), ESP, radar distance sensors, voice control for radio, telephone and GPS, etc. etc.

From the side the C5 looks like a normal 4-door limousine (berline), but in reality the C5 is a "disguised" 5-door hatchback. The C5 is aproximatly 4,70m long and has a large wheelbase of 2,94m. The trunk is huge with a content of around 500 liter (0.5 m³).

The C5 will be available with a wide range of engines :
Petrol 1.8l 16V 115HP
Petrol 2.0l HPI 16V 143 HP (HPI = petrol High Pressure Injection)
Petrol 3.0l V6 24V 210 HP
Diesel 2.0l HDI 110HP
Diesel 2.2l HDI 136HP