IRC proxy with transparent character set conversion

IRC proxy with transparent character set conversion

transmission. UTF-8 supports nearly all characters of all languages,including the thousands of ideographs from Chinese.

However, in the world we live in, people use different encodings.Finnish people use ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15 or Windows-1252; Japanesepeople use ISO-2022-JP, SHIFT-JIS or EUC-JP; Polish people useISO-8859-2, and so on. People using different encodings will seeother people's text as an unreadable mess of code.

This proxy is a solution for IRC users who want to be able to talkwith everyone despite of their character set differences.

The primary audience of this program are the European IRC users whooccassionally talk on Japanese channels.

With the proxy, all you need is an IRC client that understands andspeaks fluently UTF-8.
The proxy supports all the ISO-8859 family character sets,ISO-2022-JP, SHIFT-JIS Japanese encodings and the UTF-8 unicodeencoding, and will transparently use them with the "in Rome, do likethe Romans do" principle.