• The Programming Language Lua
    Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language designed forextending applications. Lua is also frequently used as ageneral-purpose, stand-alone language.
    Lua combines simple procedural syntax (similar to Pascal) withpowerful data description constructs based on associative arrays andextensible semantics. Lua is dynamically typed, interpreted frombytecodes, and has automatic memory management with garbagecollection, making it ideal for configuration, scripting, and rapidprototyping.
  • Zebedee: Secure TCP/IP tunnel
    Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted, compressedTCP/IP “tunnel” between two systems. This allows TCP-based trafficsuch as telnet, ftp and X to be protected from snooping as well aspotentially gaining performance over low-bandwidth networks fromcompression.
    Zebedee を使ってみよう (作成中)
  • 周期表を3Dで表した美術展A Visual Interpretation of The Table of Elements
  • USNews MSとTIが提携、Win CEアプリをDSPで実行Microsoft and Texas Instruments Announce Collaboration To Enable Programmable DSP Technology on Windows CE
  • pentium-builder package
  • PC88ゲームライブラリむぅ、すげえ